Shalum welcome to the qodesh Hebrew Corner!

"Qodesh" simply means to be Set-Apart, as we are called out to be by the Father. On this page I will feature some information that may be beneficial for some to learn, connect and build within our Hebrew Community. If you've known the Truth for some time or are just learning definitely take advantage and have a look around. I will post direct links, to some of our brothers and sisters, who share lessons, own business, and overall are impacting and our contributing towards the growth of our community! 


ALEPH - TAV - Click the below Images to download the PDF File of the Hebrew Alpha-Bat to Study! Check Hebraic Businesses  above to see who makes handheld flash cards. 


Goyur Group, Inc. 

Excellent site for additional resources to learn more in debt material as to the who, the why, the how of the Hebrew communities. Take a visit to the Goyur Group site In debt study as to what the Hebraic people wore, geographical theories of the migration and dwelling, comprehensive Feast calendar as well don't forget your note and pen! 



Morah Sheli Village

Great Online Resource for your educational needs! Offering online curriculum, resources, and courses for children, students, and so much more!  Centered around Hebraic fundamentals definetly worthwhile taking a look and supporting!



Bless The Gym

Did you know that one of the USA Olympic weight lifters is no other than one of our own brother with the understanding of YAH? Kendrick Farris a husband, father, and a dedicated man of his craft has paved his own unique path partly through hi over decade long experience in weight lifting. Pushing the norm by not only being vegan but also showing his faith throughout his work rooted in the Hebraic culture. Kendrick and his team have developed workshops for athletes, coaches and individuals seeking to learn, train, and enhance they're  weightlifting  skills. Take a look at his site and support,we know Health is Wealth -and our bodies is our temples.


Bringing Back Our Culture Documentary
The Truth about YAH Truth

Many times we go through this walk alone, hard to explain to others this new change, unable to point them into a direction that is filled with an Healthy truthful explanation of what the Truth may be. This documentary in the works is aimed to capture the lives of those, learning, walking and living their daily lives within the Hebraic Community, 


Want to learn more? 


Want to get involved?

Want to help be part of showing others The Truth about the Truth? Currently there are 3 options.

  • DONATE: I am currently working to get another Camera to be able to photograph and video-graph interviews along with production development of this documentary. 


  • COMPLETE BELOW SURVEY: Without your participation, without your experiences, without your Words this project of mines can not be completed. It is about sharing Our lives, the beauty behind striving to live our lives righteously according to YHUH words. 


  • PASS THE WORD ALONG!: By simply telling others to complete the survey! to take a look at this page for resources pertaining EVERYONES business your doing your part! that's greatly appreciated. You can even copy and paste this link to Your social media links and get the ball rolling! 




Without OUR community Participation I can not do this! This is to give your voice a chance to be heard again, among-st the Nations. 



The Truth about the YAH Truth Survey

Another Chance for My Voice to be Heard. 

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Share your experience of first learning, finding out, eyes being opened to the truth of YHUH. (Psalms 119:142)
To a brother, a sister, someone within the walk, someone coming into it, someone who does not know, to the future, or the past?
On anything. Is this what you expected it to be?
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