Music, is heavily engraved within our culture. It has the power to make us feel, remember, express how we feel. Soothe and highen our senses. When listening to music, I am constantly recalling scriptures when King Saul, was plagued by the evil spirit and would  seek Da'ud/David to play his harp so that the evil spirit would depart from him. ( 1 Samuel 16:23 ) 

Sound, vibration, part of man's creation. The Most High YHUH shows us how there is life and death within the tongue, (Proverbs 18:21) which can not only nourish but can also breach a spirit, and when he commands us to choose Life (Deuteronomy 30:19) I am reminded of how we should only use our tongue to bring forth life! 

"For the Word of יהוה is straight, And all His works are in truth, Sing to Him a new song; Play sweetly with a shout of joy. Praise יהוה with the lyre; Sing to Him with an instrument of ten strings. Shout for joy in יהוה, you righteous! Praise is fitting for the straight!" Tehillim (Psalms) 33:1-4

I give praise to the songbirds, our brothers and sisters whom use their voice to Esteem our father YHUH!


AtarahYahu YouTube

I personally do not make music! However I love to feature the works of others. YHUH willingly in the near feature I will be making videos but as for now! Enjoy the praises from our fellowship and the works of all our other Hebrew Brothers and Sisters out here setting apart their music to bring esteem to YHUH! 


Mind Culture Forever

One of my favorite songs from Beloved Da'ud album Mind Culture Forever who is recently just came out with a new Album  FLY . You can download his music from various websites depending on your platform at


Nathaniel Shalom

Music From Our Brother Uplifting our nation from London! 

View More of his Music Here ! 


Hebrew  Connect

One of my favorite album to date by our Hebrew Brothers in Florida. When I first heard this Album, I literally  had it on repeat for months! 


MaluanYAHU returns with a new age lyrical version of the Scriptural passage "Psalm 27" originally recited by king Da'ud(David) in which he also incorporates a beautifully soothing Hebrew sample[Prod. Question the Producer] of the Scripture sung by YadahYAHU which is blended together all for the esteem of YAHUAH YAHUSHA.

Kudash Parable Music

Music from one of my ahky/brother who shows hos unique style and passion for YAHUAH through his Music.




Beautiful Sounds of Sinai! One our favorite albums to get the day started with!


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Hadarah BatYah

Music from one of our beloved Sister's! Check out her page for blogs, more music, and a collection of beautiful contents that are related to our daily living!

Get Music here:

Let's connect here:


Daughterss of YAH

Beautiful song from one of our beloved sisters!