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Through learning I am seeking to get accustom to the ways of our ancestor and how they did things. The textile of that time where much more functional and beneficial for us and literally healed our bodies compared to the attire that we wear today in western societies. I pray to one day be able to make full linen garments from scratch and weave them myself as rugs, ect. I just wanted to make it known that I am no longer going to be making the T-shirts and having things ready made as I used to before, there is much to be learned as to why we wear the clothing that we wear today and how we "fringe" our garments. 

Most importantly at this moment I have focused my commitment more to My Doulas work and becoming a future midwife and sharing information on healing. With my goal is to be able to teach our Sisters and Brothers some fundamentals that come along with pregnancy, childbirth, and holistic healing. As well as compiling information from the survey's received for The Truth About YAH. 

This Site

I will continue to keep up for as long as I can. I love to feature the works / business I find of our communities and list them for us in one place. I would like to bring them to the fore-front and I still have many to add to the sections. I do pay for the site, and my goal is not monetary gain any longer from this work. However we would accept donations to assist keeping the site up. 

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With that being said! YES I Can still make these clothing upon request! And truthfully there many more other Hebrew business that make them as well who you may be able to find a better deal from. However if you'd like to support us I will make them, I respect those who still want to wear them, We also still make Custom Garments. Just complete the form below and we can work out what exactly you may want. I will send you a list with prices and go from there.

However anything with YHUH name will only be personally made upon request. 



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