My First Set made for my sisters! When I was making these I had in mind my motto “Feel Like Royalty. Remain Humble.” Which eventually made me think about Bathsheba/Bathshaba

She was one of the wives of Kind David and mother of 4 including Solomon. Her story is quiet unique as she had became King David wife through adultery and eventually pre-meditated murder. None the less as time continues she experienced hardships and blessing I believe still shown favor by the most high through one of her fruits of bearing Solomon of course I would like to assume that this came along with her and her household cleaving to the word of YHUH.

Her name is unique Bath - means “Daughter” and Shaba literally means “seven” and means “Oath / Swear” meaning “A daughter of an Oath” which may speak to her accounts through her life - it is interesting to me how both Seven and Oath are rooted in the same word. As I recall back to one of the Oaths or laws made occurred on the Seventh Day would be the Shabbat forever.

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