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My Mission is to Heal

Treating a condition is not the same as Healing a condition but it is part of the Healing Process. I believe that our people have been through a world of Trauma that needs to be address. Through learning the root of the causes of our wounds, we can proceed to understand how to heal them not just treat them. 

In order to endure to our end we have to take the time to  understand our bodies, learn how environmental stress affect us. How diet is essential for our health both mentally and physically. What we consume physically, visually and spiritually does affect us. Let it be for the better than the latter. 

My Focus is not to personally Heal anyone, but to help provide resources that can be utilized to live a heal-thyself lifestyle.


'Create in me a clean heart, O Elohim, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.'

Tehillim (Psalms) 51:10







The power of healing ourselves starts with understanding that all we need to live is within Hands Reach. 


Atarah Adorned Attire - Handmade selection of attire, accessories and artwork. 

Hebrew Corner

Resrouce for everyone. Our Hebrew communities thrive with business, blogs, books and more. Come learn, connect and Support.




The art of 


Currently focused on making custom Hebrew Tassels "Tziot Tziot" and Art Pieces. We have moved and minimized the custom apparel a bit. However  that we are making. There are a  lot of Businesses who you may find your needs through if we dont have it.


A People with The Culture


At the Hebrew Corner we showcase and feature some of the many works that our community does. Hebrew Business , Bloggers, Music, Lessons, , Feast Days and more! Take a peak and support those entrepreneurs at heart. Disconnecting from the system and reconnecting with Our Culture. 



Committed to our women who are in their own unique journey of birthing. This can be a exciting time for many and a sensitive topic for some. I commit myself as a Birthing Doula to assist mothers, at any stages of birth. Before, After and During, I Am There. 

To meet the needs of the Birth of a Mother and be that added support.

I currently hold Birth Doula services in Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas. If you would like to learn more please visit my site dedicated for this Delicate time.